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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 236: The Official E3 Nintendo Direct Discussion

June 16th, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year once again! The E3 Nintendo Direct has come and gone, so this week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast,  Cameron DaxonMarc KaliroffCampbell Gill and Gooma Stomp’s Editor-in-Chief Ricky D get together to discuss everything the Big N had to show. Did it live up to the hype? Did it surpass the already-low expectations set by an exceptionally mediocre E3 season? And most importantly, which host got the most correct predictions? The gang discusses all these questions and more in this Divine Beast-sized episode, sharing their thoughts and reactions on all the most important news from the show.

Maybe there wasn’t a grand return for F-Zero, but Nintendo’s E3 showing still revived plenty of fan-favorite franchises with announcements like Metroid Dread, WarioWare Get It Together, and perhaps most surprisingly, Advance Wars 1 + 2 Reboot Camp. The hosts break down their thoughts and reactions to all the headlining reveals along with the smaller showcases along the way, discussing all the possibilities of the Breath of the Wild 2 gameplay trailer and the potential of Tekken representation in Smash, along with some of the potential low points as well. All this and so, so much more!

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:40 – Main Event: E3 Discussion

Nxpress Nintendo Podcast 235: E3 Predictions Extravaganza!

June 12th, 2021

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Cameron DaxonMarc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill ring in the E3 season with an episode jam-packed with official Nintendo E3 predictions! The stakes are high: each host has seven predictions about what the Big N will debut during its showcase on June 15, and whoever gets the most guesses right will find himself the owner of a shiny new eShop card. The predictions and projections that follow are truly anyone’s game – will Nintendo release a new WarioWare, remake a classic Fire Emblem title, reveal one (or even two) new characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, offer a fresh look at the world of Splatoon 3, or even debut a line of branded clothing? Everything’s on the table as the gang tosses out a mix of plausible and fantastical hypotheses. Who will come out on top as the prophet of Nintendo’s E3? Only time will tell, so be sure to harass the host of your choice on Twitter after all is revealed at Nintendo’s direct!

After the showdown comes to an end, Cameron shines an indie spotlight on the indie Umurangi Generation, a title that has already amassed a cult following on PC and has finally made the jump over to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Unabashed in its politics and daring in its messaging, Cameron lavishes praise on Umurangi Generation for creating a compelling and innovative experience that calls back to classic properties like Metal Gear Solid and even Neon Genesis Evangelion in many ways.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:40 – Main Event: E3 Predictions Showdown

“Calamity Ganon – Phase 2” – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
52:40 – Indie Spotlight: Umurangi Generation
Epilogue” – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nxpress Nintendo Podcast 234: Kirby Manga Mania Review, Nintendo E3 Predictions, and More!

June 4th, 2021

Poyo! This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Cameron DaxonMarc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill are joined by Eliza of Kirby Informer to talk about everyone’s favorite pink all-consuming monstrosity and begin predicting Nintendo’s biggest direct of the year. The gang starts by asking Eliza about her experience developing and managing Kirby Informer, the world’s foremost destination for Kirby fans trying to get their hands on elusive merchandise or stay up-to-date with the latest news about the Big N’s wholesome platforming series. Then, Marc takes the stage to review the newly-released Kirby Manga Maniaa sometimes surprisingly wild yet ultimately engaging retelling of the adventures of Dream Land’s hero. Perhaps it shows its 90s-era age in some respects, but it still promises to delight modern fans.

Moving away from the mania of Kirby’s manga adaptation, the Main Event turns toward the unanswerable question: what does Nintendo have in store for E3 2021? Even attempting to answer that question will result in inevitable disappointment, but the gang gives it a shot anyway. All the hosts voice their opinions and predictions for what they believe, hope, and dream will appear, from reasonably safe ideas like new Animal Crossing New Horizon updates to more outlandish ideas like brand-new Zelda spinoffs. Things get heated as to whether those ever-evasive titles like Metroid Prime 4 or Breath of the Wild 2 or even a Super Mario Party sequel will make a debut, but ultimately, there should be lots for fans to hype up in the run up to Nintendo’s big showcase. Lastly, Cameron shines an Indie Spotlight on a game with possibly the most fun name of the year, PecaminosaPerhaps it isn’t as fun to play, but this noir-driven action title still offers something to love for genre fans in its heavily distinctive atmosphere.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:40 – Kirby Manga Mania Review
“Title” – 
Kirby Right Back At Ya’
19:37 – Main Event: Nintendo E3 Predictions
“Castle Dedede” – Kirby’s Epic Yarn
46:43 – Indie Spotlight: Pecaminosa
The Legendary Air Ride Machine” – Kirby Air Ride

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 233: Sonic and Dragon Quest Anniversaries,Miitopia Review, and More

May 28th, 2021

Miitopia Review

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, the whole gang’s back together as  Cameron DaxonMarc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill wade through the first major presentations of E3 season and review Nintendo’s latest first-party effort, Miitopia. The boys start out things out by discussing Sonic’s 30th Anniversary Livestream, breaking down the handful of exciting announcements that might just suggest the often-struggling series is finally spin dashing onto the right track. Then it’s time for a polar opposite presentation as the hosts try to make sense of the deliriously chaotic Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special, a show that might have proven disappointing for Western fans in some respects but nonetheless delivered some incredibly exciting reveals (just inject that Dragon Quest III remake into our veins already).

Miitopia takes center stage for the main event, as Campbell breaks down everything there is to know about Nintendo’s bizarre yet charming customizable RPG. It might not offer much by way of intricate gameplay or roleplaying mechanics, but what it does offer is an infinitely personable and highly accessible adventure that offers boundless opportunities for creativity. Grezzo has done it once again, showing that they can do so much more than mere Zelda ports. Closing things out with the traditional spotlight, Campbell gives a shoutout to Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, an immensely stylish and uniquely personal autorunner that might not reinvent the wheel but nonetheless stands out from the crowd with its infectious soundtrack and distinct vibe.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:40 – Nintendosage: Sonic and Dragon Quest Anniversary Discussion
“Overture XI” – 
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
22:35 – Main Event: Miitopia Review
“Title Theme” – Miitopia
41:55 – Indie Spotlight: Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield
The Man Who Outran Time” by Niel J & Daniel Wilkins – Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 232: Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Link and New Pokémon Snap

May 21st, 2021

New Pokémon Snap Review

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Cameron Daxon and Marc Kaliroff are joined by the one and only teacher, puppet master and, goth Tamagotchi overlord of Goomba Stomp, Marty Allen, for a photogenic smorgasbord of tangible and digital adventures. In the opening segment, Marc talks to the two about his experience using Fujifilm’s latest Instax Mini Link Nintendo Switch compatibility after receiving a review unit of the upcoming Pikachu Edition device bundle from the instant film company. Through quirky filters and a sentimental way of forging Nintendo memories in a nostalgic way, there is no doubt that those looking to print out some retro-styled screenshots will no doubt enjoy the magic of Fujifilm’s products.

In the main event, Cameron and Marty capture their thoughts on Bandai Namco’s latest New Pokémon Snap in a wide overview of their experience with the second entry in the on-rails picture-taking sub-franchise. With a Darwinized tale, adorable creatures, and new faces to discover, New Pokémon Snap is an expected comeback for a long-dormant albeit fan-favorite title. In the end though, perhaps we are all here just to vibe out with some Bulbasaur — and that is all that matters. To close things off with the Indie Spotlight, Cameron talks about his experience playing the scuba diving adventure game Subnautica: Below Zero while Marty checks in with the gang on his adventures over 400 days in The Longing.

For more of Marty Allen you can of course check out his website!

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NXpress Nintendo Podcast 231: Castlevania Season 4 and Famicom Detective Club Reviews

May 12th, 2021

Castlevania and Famicom Detective Club Review

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Cameron DaxonMarc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill are back together and better than ever after a short hiatus! Marc starts things off strong by breaking down all there is to know about the upcoming fourth season of Netflix’s Castlevania anime, praising it as a worthy conclusion to the single greatest video game adaptation yet. Its ending moments might leave some fans baffled, but with incredible animation, eye-candy action, great character development, and some notable fan service that’s just as solid as ever, it’s a worthy package to entice fans all around. The final adventures of the current cast of Wallachia may be coming to an end, but what do their futures hold?

Meanwhile, Marc and Campbell team up for the main event to review both of Nintendo’s brand-new remakes of the Famicom Detective Club games. It might be hard to convey just how exciting these games are without revealing the mystery at hand, but one thing is immediately clear: whether you opt for the supernatural horror of The Girl Who Stands Behind or the family drama of The Missing Heirthese adventure classics remain remarkably compelling even thirty years later. Beautifully remastered on Switch, this release is a polished package with lush animations and catchy music, even if it might show its age in some respects. Closing things out with the typical Spotlight, Cameron takes some time to celebrate the infectious roguelite ScourgeBringer that blends Dead Cells and Hyper Light Drifter in a stylish and addictive mix.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:44 – Nintendosage: Castlevania Season 4 Review
“Bloody Tears” – Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

16:32 – Main Event: Famicom Detective Club Reviews
“Danger” – Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind
46:30 – Indie Spotlight: ScourgeBringer
Opening/Title” – Netflix’s Castlevania

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 230: An Interview with Lost Words: Beyond the Page Creative Director, Mark Backler!

April 30th, 2021

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Campbell Gill and Cameron Daxon are approached by a brand-new challenger – Mark Backler, the Creative Director of the brilliant Lost Words: Beyond the PageIn this special interview episode, Campbell and Cameron pick Mark’s brain to learn everything there is to know about this recently-released atmospheric indie platformer. Lost Words is the poignant story of a young girl who struggles to come to terms with her grief after the passing of her beloved grandmother, so in their wide-ranging interview, the hosts dive into everything from the game’s touching subject matter to Mark’s development history to learn about the creation of this emotional and memorable title.

Mark’s interest in the gaming world started way back on the Commodore 64, eventually leading him to a career on recognizable franchises like the Fable series and the early Harry Potter games. We cover how his professional experience informed his eventual journey toward indie game development with Lost Words: Beyond the Page, then dive deep into the process of crafting such an emotional and impactful narrative. We explore the symbiotic relationship between the game’s writing and its gameplay, delve into the process of developing its deeply-researched psychological narrative, and ask what it meant for Mark to see his game running on Switch. We even get a sneak peek at what his team is working on next – and that’s only a snippet of everything we discuss during our in-depth conversation! Be sure to tune in for a vivid glimpse into the indie game development process with Lost Words.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:37 – Main Event: Lost Words: Beyond the Page Developer Interview

A Writer Writes” – Lost Words: Beyond the Page

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 229: Ask Iwata Impressions and Shantae Review

April 22nd, 2021

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, the next generation of hosts, Cameron DaxonMarc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill gear up for another retro-themed indie extravaganza. The gang starts out by reviewing the recently-released Ask Iwataa semi-autobiography that chronicles the career and wisdom of the beloved Nintendo executive. By turns enlightening and entertaining, Cameron praises the book as a new look into one of Nintendo’s most familiar faces. After that, the hosts take a detour to recognize a major unspoken Nintendo holiday and acknowledge the 15th anniversary of the infamous Mother 3. Of course, this leads to the usual questions: Will Western Nintendo fans ever get to play this elusive epic on Switch? Will Reggie ever release his hidden English localization of the game? The answer to both questions is probably no, but even then, it’s worth celebrating this seminal title in Nintendo’s release history.

Things take a magical turn in the Main Event as Campbell reviews the Switch re-release of the indie adventure that started it all, the original 2002 Shantae from the Game Boy Color. It might show its age in some respects, but this debut adventure of WayForward’s mascot half-genie is more than worth replaying today – especially if you love a bit of silly puns and humor every now and again. It’s an impressive game today, and considering that it managed to pack so much personality into such limited hardware, it’s a highly impressive title. Lastly, Campbell closes the show by sharing some early impressions of the recently-released The Longing, an anti-game that tasks the player with waiting 400 days (in real time!) to wait for a king to wake from a deep slumber. It might not sound like much of a game on paper, but in practice, it might just be worth sticking with for a year and a half – especially if you want to catch up on reading some fine literature.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:40 – Nintendosage: Ask Iwata, Mother 3 Anniversary
“Onett” – EarthBound

20:30 – Main Event: Shantae Review
“We Love Burning Town” – Shantae and The Pirate’s Curse
43:00 – Indie Spotlight: The Longing
Fourside (Melee)” – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 228: Indie World Reactions, SaGa Frontier Remastered Review, and More

April 15th, 2021

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, the next generation of hosts, Cameron DaxonMarc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill discuss all things indie after Nintendo’s most recent Indie World Showcase, reviewing a newly-released indie gem, and then discussing a new remaster of a classic RPG for good measure. The gang starts by going over all the exciting announcements from the presentation, celebrating the diversity of the games and developers shown off in this latest indie event.  Maybe Hollow Knight: Silksong didn’t make its much-requested appearance, but there was still plenty to love. From the fantastical action of Aztech Forbidden Gods to the rampant style of Aerial_Knights Never Yield to the bodacious action of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, Nintendo once again brought the goods when it came to spotlighting its smaller development partners.

After breaking down all those new announcements, the gang goes for a blast from the past as Cameron reviews the recently-released SaGa Frontier Remastereda refreshed version of Square’s classic experimental RPG from 1997. With a fresh coat of paint and plenty of quality-of-life improvements to make the game easier to play in the 21st century, Cameron praises the game for its unorthodox story structure and complex but rewarding gameplay. It might not be the most beginner-friendly game in the world, but for anyone who loves old-school RPGs, there’s never been a better time to get into the cult classic that inspired RPGs for decades after its release. Closing things out with a return to the indie spotlight, Campbell reluctantly says yes to reviewing Say No! Morea lighthearted on-rails story game that’s all about knowing your limits and saying no to overwork. Not only does it offer a valuable message, but it also gives pun-lovers some much-needed representation in games.

LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:55 – Nintendosage: Indie World Discussion
“Go! Getsu Fuma” – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

33:10 – Main Event: Saga Frontier Remastered Review
“Trick” – SaGa Frontier
1:07:05 – Indie Spotlight: Say No! More
Main Title Theme” – SaGa Frontier

NXpress Nintendo Podcast 227: Pac Man 99 First Impressions, Star Wars: Republic Commando Review, and More!

April 8th, 2021

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, the next generation of hosts, Cameron DaxonMarc Kaliroff, and Campbell Gill try out Nintendo’s latest battle royale extravaganza, review a cult classic Star Wars title getting new life on Switch, and chat about a wide range of artful and impactful indies on Switch. 

The gang kicks off the show by sharing their very early impressions of Pac-Man 99, released mere minutes before the time of the show’s recording. The hosts discuss the game’s incredible potential and celebrate this latest development in Nintendo’s retro-infused battle royale. One might say that developer Bandai Namco really “pac”-ed in plenty to love! Next, Marc and Cameron review Star Wars: Republic CommandoAspyr’s latest faithful port of a legacy Star Wars game. The hosts lead the way in breaking down this title’s interesting role in the overall Star Wars canon, praising its uniquely exhilarating tactical first-person gameplay, and emphasizing that even those who aren’t especially engaged in the franchise (ahem, Campbell) will find plenty to enjoy. 

Lastly, the hosts close the show with a substantial indie spotlight on a few promising titles, starting with the stunningly stylish Genesis Noir, a beautiful game that blends a striking art direction with a beautiful jazz soundtrack to make a gorgeous, if technically unstable experience. Cameron then shares his experience with Lost Words: Beyond the Page after last week’s spotlight, confirming the game’s emotional impact and sharing his personal reactions to some of its most touching moments of grief and loss. Ending things off, Marc finally joins Cameron and Campbell in riding the Hades hype train thanks to its recent physical release, offering his glowing impressions of the game’s first hour.

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LFXIV – NXpress Intro
00:50 – Nintendosage: Pac-Man 99 Impressions
“Pac-Man Fever” – Buckner & Garcia

14:14 – Main Event: Star Wars: Republic Commando Review
“The Arena” – Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones
38:10 – Indie Spotlight: Genesis Noir, Lost Words: Beyond the Pageand Hades
Finale” – Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones

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