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The NXpress Nintendo Podcast is Goomba Stomp’s award-winning flagship podcast, a weekly show focusing on all things Nintendo.

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #179: ‘Creature in the Well’ Developer Interview, ‘Daemon X Machina’ Review, and ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ Impressions

September 12th, 2019

We love doing developer interviews, and this week is a good one: Adam Volker of Flight School Studio joins us to talk about their recent release, Creature in the Well. Having served as creative director on the project, Adam gives Rick, Patrick, and newcomer Campbell Gill insight into the project's creation, construction, and even a little bit of what the developers have learned since the release. Important questions are answered, such as: is this really a 'pinball' game? What part of the game was inspired by Sesame Street? And a solution is given to perhaps the most difficult puzzle of all: how in the sandy world do you heal your wounded BOT-C? Fans of this recently released action-puzzle game — as well as anyone interested in game design — won't want to miss it!

Later, Campbell gives Rick and Patrick the rundown on Daemon X Machina, a new Switch game where apparently flying around as a giant robot while blowing stuff up is actually pretty fun! It turns out that a lot has been improved from the early (and shaky) demo, but how does someone screw up a story that involves the moon exploding? You'll have to tune in to find out.

Finally, the guys offer their impression of Nintendo's latest bit of wackiness, Ring Fit Adventure, an exercise-based game that will supposedly give players abs of steel while they explore a fantasy land and out-workout a slew of monsters along the way. Frankly, however, we spend more time discussing the video's actors. For all this and more, have a listen!

For more info on Creature in the Well, check out their website.

Nxpress Nintendo Podcast #178: Switch Lite, ‘Astral Chain’ Review, and Standouts From the Latest Direct

September 9th, 2019

There just never seems to be enough time to talk about everything going on in the world of Nintendo these days, so this week we have another jam-packed show. To kick things off, Rick, Tim, and Patrick are joined by Goomba Stomp contributor Renan Fontes to talk about Rick’s time spent testing the Switch Lite. Just what did out editor-in-chief think about Nintendo’s latest dedicated handheld, and what sort of consumer might it appeal to? Will it entice players away from getting a ‘normal’ Switch?

Next up, Patrick and Renan give a full review of the acclaimed Astral Chain (with a little bit of help from Neuron force rookie Tim). After his initial impressions weren’t so hot, has the game’s in-depth combat and detective-based exploration finally won Patrick over? Or has the tense and irritating situation escalated beyond the point of repair? Regardless, Renan explains how Platinum’s latest action opus just might be his game of the year, especially with the all the post-game content keeping him busy. It’s a well-rounded discussion that should provide a good overview from both a casual and expert position.

In the last segment, the guys pick which announcements from the latest Nintendo Direct got them the most excited. XenobladeReturn of the Obra Din, and even Super NES games online each make an appearance. So for all this and more on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, have a listen!

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #177: PAX West, ‘Astral Chain’ and ‘Decay of Logos’

September 2nd, 2019

This week the starts off with a bang, as Rick, Tim, and Patrick begin what seems like an innocent discussion of the now-delayed Switch release of Decay of Logos, but quickly turn it into a lively debate about the responsibilities of reviewers who have received codes for broken games. Those interested in getting a peek behind the scenes of a website like Goomba Stomp will get a good dose of multiple philosophies on how to handle publishers and what is owed to the readers. It's a lengthy back-and-forth, but we think it's worth a listen!

After all the arguing, things settle down with some previews from PAX West, as Tim relates some of the indies he got a chance to try out in person, and Rick delivers a review of FAR: Lone Sails for the Switch. This indie revolving around a child operating a steampunk-ish transport across post-apocalyptic landscapes is reminiscent of Inside, but finds its own way to be one of the most relaxing, enjoyable games of the year so far.

This week's episode ends with Patrick's first impressions of Astral Chain. Does he agree with Brent's enthusiastic review, or has this sci-fi action game not managed to arrest him quite yet? For all this and more, have a listen!

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #176: ‘Three Houses’ Wrap-up, ‘The Sinking City,’ and Indie World

August 23rd, 2019

From a packed house to a nearly empty one, this week sees Tim and Patrick carrying the gaming torch on their own, as they deliver finalized reviews of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and The Sinking City, as well as thoughts on the latest Nintendo indie showcase.

So, after 90-odd hours of battle, drama, comedy, tea time, fishing, lost-and-found, and vigorous recruitment, does Three Houses hold up all the way through to the end — or even beyond? Seeing as how Patrick basically hasn't been able to put it down since he first picked it up, the short answer is probably yes. However, the guys go into more detail (though spoiler-free), discussing the gameplay differences between pre- and post-time skip, the difficulty for newcomers to the series, and whether it's worth starting over to play other houses.

After that, we go through some of the bigger titles spotlighted in Nintendo's Indie World, pick our standouts, and talk about how important it is for indie games to differentiate themselves from the growing mob of titles. Last, Tim reviews The Sinking City, a Lovecraftian detective story involving ancient gods in an atmospheric urban setting. Will fans of the author get more out of this? How do the puzzles work, and are they effective at making the player feel like they've solved a mystery? For all this and more, have a listen!

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #175: Ranking the Super Mario Series and ‘Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3′

August 16th, 2019

We've got a packed house for this week's show, but the more is merrier when discussing Goomba Stomp's recently published list ranking the Mario series. How does one assess greatness? It ain't easy, but there are enough strong opinions to go around to dispute some of the results. Rick, Tim, and Patrick are joined by Izsak Barnette and Game Boys co-host Ryan Kapioski to weigh in with our own picks for the best (and worst) Mario games, reignite the debate between Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World, jab at Sunshine a bit, and detail in general the thoughts that go into ranking games like these.

Before that, however, Izsak Barnette tells us about that time he went crazy and didn't play video games for a week. What was he thinking, and what did he learn? It turns out that there's a whole other world of things to do. Who knew? And finally, Ryan gives us the rundown on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, and whether this Switch exclusive has enough combat and fan service to be worth your dollars. It's another episode full of twists and turns and tangents, so for all this and more, tune in!

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #174: Smash’s Hero and The Best Games of the Last 30 Years

August 8th, 2019

After last week's one-on-one with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the guys go back to a more traditional show this week, as Rick and Patrick are joined by Izsak Barnette to discuss what we've been playing, a new Smash Bros. Ultimate character, and Goomba Stomp's recently published list of the best games from each year in the past three decades, as voted on by our staff. How many Nintendo titles took the top prize? And how many years were they blanked from even getting nominated? The results are pretty interesting, and may lend some insight as to why so many gamers are loyal to Nintendo consoles, even when it means less gaming options.

Before that, however, Izsak tells us about what's going on with Hero, the latest DLC for Smash. It turns out there may be some weird quirks to his moveset, but is he overpowered? This somehow leads to a conversation about our personal views on esports in general, but bear with us. Lastly, we close with a few more words from Patrick about the excellent Three Houses, including an assurance to Rick that this game doesn't ever turn into The Bachelor. And be sure to stick around for Rick's review of The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia, which apparently is better than just another coffee table book. For all this and more, have a listen!

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #173: ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Special

August 2nd, 2019

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Patrick invites Goomba Stomp's anime editor and Fire Emblem expert Matthew Ponthier to discuss in-depth, Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #172: ‘Super Mario Maker 2′ and N64/Gamecube Tech

July 11th, 2019

The calm before the storm is officially over, as the release of Mario Maker 2 kicks off the bounty of Nintendo's solid lineup of 2nd-half games for 2019. in our main segment this week, Tim and Patrick are joined by Goomba Stomp writers Izsak Barnette and Ty Davidson to give our impressions on the new features and refinements, and whether or not this sequel does enough to improve upon an already stellar original. Do we know how to design expert Mario levels? Probably not, but it turns out that there's plenty of creativity and inspiration already out there from the Nintendo community to last a lifetime! From themed levels to a more classic approach, Mario Maker 2 has a little something for anyone who's a fan of the little plumber who could.

After that, Izsak continues his series on the tech behind Nintendo's various consoles. This week it's the N64 and Gamecube, and you may be surprised with some of the interesting engineering decisions made in constructing these two legendary machines. Before all that, however, the guys also briefly offer up some thoughts on the newly announced Switch Lite. Is this dedicated handheld device a great alternative for the casual gamer, or something that might confuse the brand? All this and more on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast. 

NXpress Nintendo Podcast #171: ‘Bloodstained’ and ‘Cadence of Hyrule’

June 30th, 2019

While it may feel like late June was the calm before the Nintendo Switch's storm, there were actually some decent rumblings that rolled through the eShop; this week Rick and Patrick sit down with Goomba Stomp editors Mike Worby and James Baker to find out how two of the more notable ones fared. First on the gothic chopping block is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the much-anticipated throwback to classic Castlevania from series producer Koji Igarashi. While Rick and Mike traitorously played the PS4 version and loved every second of exploring the atmospheric, labyrinthine castle, Patrick took a musket ball for the team and brings impressions of the beleaguered Switch version. While there has been plenty of discussion about that port's noticeable downgrade (and with good reason), is there enough good game below the slightly blurry surface for Switch owners to consider a purchase? You'll have to listen to find out.

Next, Patrick and James sing the praises of Cadence of Hyrule — but perhaps for different reasons? While James was able to find his rhythm on the way to victory, Patrick shamefully turned on Fixed Beat mode — and loved every second of it. Regardless of how you play, the fun had from this Zelda spinoff is tough to beat. If you haven't picked it up yet, maybe we can convince you.

Before all that, however, all four make some way-too-early requests for some things we'd like to see in the just-announced sequel to Breath of the Wild. Hmm...let's see. Dungeons, dungeons, and dungeons? Sure, let's go with that. For all this and more, tune in!


NXpress Nintendo Podcast #170: Hands-On ‘Sword & Shield,’ ‘Link’s Awakening’ and ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3′

June 20th, 2019

This week on the NXpress Nintendo Podcast, Ty Davidson and Ryan Kapioski join Ricky D and Patrick Murphy to discuss their trip to E3 and their time playing Luigi's Mansion 3, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Link's Awakening and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

Ryan and Tim also fill us in on what the show floor was like and which of the major companies made the biggest splash. Other topics discussed include Sony's absence; Fortnite's crazy insane booth; Digital Devolver's party on a parking lot and what it is like attending the Microsoft press conference. All this and more!